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We help brands, artists and entrepreneurs become active in the NFT world & launch their own Collections, by exploring New strategies, business models, and exposure opportunities.

We're cool, don't worry

This is Us! Minting Your Future: NFT Agency specialized in creating & deploying NFT Collections from 0 to ETH (or any other currency). We’re a team of digital entrepreneurs, Smart coders, content creators, community managers, developers, working with a pool of Talented artists and designers around the world to help Mint Your Future!

We Specialize in Generative Art NFTs

Vision & Strategy

The backbone, roadmap of your project. The whole project relies on it and we'll help you turn your ideas into a powerful and impactful vision, that can the be strategized.


If you don't have a collection ready, we'll find the right talents within our pool of vetted artists to create the best rarity-based collection for you (according to the agreed strategy)


We'll create the whole technical infrastructure you need to start selling your NFTs (smart contract, whitelisting, minting dApp, staking, high performance hosting)

Although there are very few NFT agencies, here are the key components that make us stand out of the crowd and help us turn your projects and ideas into successful venture.

 NFTs In A Box

We offer a full service even if you don't have any design ready. We bring you from 0 to ETH in just a few weeks.


We don't just work on projects. At every step we want to improve your projects by infusing our experience and ideas to design the right strategy, roadmap and implementation plan.

Dedicated Team

We're not a random team. Everyone in our team has more than 10 years of experience  in their field, and we combine all the competences required to turn your project into a success story.

Launch Plan

We don't just stop by delivering your NFT collection and deploying your dApp and smart contract. We also handle a proven to work launch and community management plan!


Efficiently develop cutting-edge. Intrinsicly disintermediate viral testing procedures with ideas. Energistically administrate intermandated materials.


If your collection is not ready, we'll help you refine your concept, vision and utility roadmap. We then work with talented designers matching the style you have in mind to create all the characters, traits and variations needed to create your collection.

Blockchain development

Smart contract development based on your requirements, gasless and 100% secure and reliable whitelisting process, complete testing under different networks, deployment, minting dApp, staking contract


We'll turn your design into a Web3 compatible website allowing people to mint using almost any wallet they want, both on desktop and mobile. Want to allow your NFT holders to stake their NFT, we can also help!

High performance hosting & Network Security

We'll host your NFT project within our fully scalable infrastructure (automatic), load balancing, 70+ nodes (in order to optimize page load time wherever your visitors are), with 99.99% SLA.

JP Schoeffel, founder

As you can see (scroll down to the team section), we don't hide behind avatars, random obscure twitter account

We’re with you every step of the way

Our only goal is to help you make your project a success.

We respect your privacy and business, so we recommend we sign a NDA (only you can reveal you worked with us) when we start working together.

Meet Our Stellar Team

JP Schoeffel

Founder, Turns Ideas Into Concepts

Anna Fiadorchanka

CTO, Turns Concepts Into Solutions

Paul Brooks

 Manager, Turns Concepts Into Stories


Lead Developer, Turns The Impossible Into Reality


Senior Developer, He didn't know it was impossible, thus he did it


System & Security Administrator


The Artist (or at least one of our talented artist)


Videographist & Production, Turns Messages Into Videos


and all the others artists, copywriters, designers, project managers who are contributing to giving life to your ideas and projects, thank you!


Got Questions? 

Contact us using this form or email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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